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Vladimír Chmelo

singing Pedagogue

Let me introduce my vision of the artistic platform the aim of which would be to help artists trying to achieve mastery in their field.

During the time of my artistic activities I have experienced development which enabled me to get to know a number of singing schools and styles, often very diverse, and gain a lot of experience both at Czech theatres and world-renowned opera houses of the highest level. As all my efforts focused on refining my Italian “belcanto” technique – especially the style of Beniamino Gigli and other interwar Italian singers – my steps led me to Italian singer and teacher Astrea Amaduzzi, who dedicates herself to the legacy of belcanto in the long term. Unfortunately, this method of singing is disappearing in Italy itself and in the Czech Republic it has almost entirely vanished (although our most famous singer Emma Destinnová is proof of the fact that it was widespread in the Czech territory).

The post-war development established significantly different standards of taste and belcanto was completely driven out in favour of the so-called “Czech school”. It was only after the revolution, and especially in connection with the arrival of the internet and much better access to recordings of various singers and styles, that the atmosphere became more relaxed, however, the process of the return of belcanto to the Czech Republic is at the very beginning and this motivated me to create an institution which would support this legacy.

Therefore, I would like to pursue this tradition together with the above-mentioned Astrea Amaduzzi and her co-worker – pianist and music scientist, author of many book about Italian interpretation – Mattia Pelli, whose first project will be the summer interpretation masterclasses in Český Krumlov.

The National Theatre in Prague made a commitment to support the Prague Music Institute by providing spaces for teaching and renting the Estates Theatre once a year for the presentation of the participants, who are often leading soloists of the National Theatre (P. Berger, I. Jiříková, E. Pavlů, T. Mátlová, A. Kalivodová, E. Gattringerová). The tuition would take place in the form of five intense days of study every month.  

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