Vladimír Chmelo’s and Astrea Amduzzi’s Singing Masterclasses in Český Krumlov, 3rd year



Dates of Singing Masterclasses

1st masterclass: 27/7/2020 – 1/8/2020

2nd masterclass: 3/8/2020 – 8/8/2020


Český Krumlov – Monasteries Český Kurmlov, Monastery of Franciscan Nuns

Masterclasses include

singing lessons every day of the stay, répétiteur during each lesson,
            rehearsal and final concerts on 1/8/2020 and 8/8/2020,
            daily actor training.
Participants may be active or passive (accompaniment).


The application must be submitted by 30/6/2020, the number of participants is limited.


Course fees
The fee for an active participant in the singing courses for Czech citizens is 7.000,- CZK.
The fee for a passive participant in the singing courses for Czech citizens is 1.500,-CZK.
The fee for an active participant in the singing courses for foreigners is 350,-EURO.
The fee for a passive participant in the singing courses for foreigners is 100,-EURO.

The fees must be paid by 30/6/2020 to the account of the Prague Institute of Music.


Arrival to the course is in the early evening before the first day of the course when an organizational meeting of all the participants is also held, place and time to be defined.


available in the beautiful setting and quiet location of the Český Krumlov Study Centre in the centre of the city at reduced prices for course participants



Prices of accommodation for course participants and their accompaniment
(without breakfast but including VAT and all fees):
1.000,- CZK per night for a double room 
700,- CZK per night for a single room
1.400,- CZK for a triple room

Breakfast may be ordered on request.
Price of buffet breakfast: 110,- CZK/person.
Guests may of course also prepare their breakfast themselves and free of charge in the kitchenette in the Study Centre.



By sending the application the participant agrees to the processing of personal data.

Bank details for the payment of the course fee

Name of account:

Pražský hudební institut, z.ú.

Account number:

284359786 / 0300

IBAN CZ47 0300 0000 0002 8435 9786


Variable symbol:

Participant’s date of birth in the following format:

year/month/day: (e.g. 19940228)

Information for recipient:

name of participant


detailed information will be provided by Alžběta Kerberová,

Director of Prague Music Institute

E-mail: alzbeta.kerberova@prazskyhudebniinstitut.cz

Tel: +420 603 787 697, www.prazskyhudebniinstitut.cz

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